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How to break couples up

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We all know that one couple who is always breaking up just to get back together. Conventional wisdom vouples the best thing to do after a breakup is to steer clear of your old flame but reality proves that many couples will get back together again, sometimes repeatedly.

Answers ranged from optimism that things will be different this time, an emotional investment in the relationship, a feeling of family duties, or a fear how to break couples up the uncertainty of what would happen. Two-thirds of respondents said they couplfs to get back together because of the intimacy and dependence they had developed with their partner over time.

On the other hand, people who wanted brwak break up for good said it was due to emotional distance, a breach of trust, frequent fighting, or a general feeling of incompatibility. And more than a third—38 percent—wanted to leave due to cheating.

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Yet despite all these excellent reasons to leave, half of those considering leaving still had mixed feelings about hitting the road—which makes sense considering about 50 percent of separated couples will get back together. The study also put another common argument to rest: The breakup feels harder for the person doing the dumping how to break couples up the one being dumped.

The one who initiates the breakup has to deal with most of the doubt as to whether it was the right choice or not. But the truly important question is whether or not getting back together is actually a good idea.

Nelson says. If you do end up getting back together, make sure you learn from the mistakes you made in your first go-round, Dr. This may mean getting counseling to help prevent repeating your painful history.

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Each partner has to understand and be willing to work on whatever caused the breakup in the first place. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to tl.

Relationships We go know that one couple who is always breaking up just to get back together. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships: The continuity and correlates of cycling in cohabiting and how to break couples up relationships" Social Psychological and Personality Science: Originally Published on sitename.

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